Seriously Skilled

When companies lack skilled trade talent, productivity takes a hit.

At Gauge Trades Group, we deliver specialized talent for teams of any size, always meeting the level of proficiency your work requires.

end-to-end solutions

Take aim at problems that arise when you have skilled jobs to fill.

Whether you need a team of electricians on a major job site, or civil or design engineers, we are the partner who helps you hit your project deadlines. From talent identification to payroll and insurance, we offer end-to-end solutions. 

People-First Approach

Our people, our promise.

At Gauge Trades Group, we are protective of our people. The experience we provide our people impacts your experience with them. We want them to succeed, as their success is your success. We pay attention to this dynamic, so that outcomes are optimal for all involved. It’s something we take seriously.

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Seriously Skilled

Gauge Trades Group

Engaging us is a simple process on your end.  Just call The Farm and ask for Teroy.  He will quickly evaluate your needs and get to work identifying the right person or crew to get those needs met.

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